Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Tournament That Never Ends...

Week three in a four week tournament has come and gone. The idea for a big long tournament was my idea, at least I think it was, and all I can say is that I hate it! Bah, I'm so tired of playing the same lists over and over.

What we should have done is made it a progressive tournament. Start at 350 then each consecutive game increases in point values. That would have been cool.

Either way, last nights game vs. Mercs was a rout. I was in a hurry and wanted to play a pick up game afterwards with my new Bloodgorgers so I went for a caster kill instead of a scenario win. He had no idea that I could generate so much out of turn movement with Mortenebra and the spell Deathrace that he was in a terrible position which let me charge his caster on my 3rd turn.

In my opinion the best players are the guys that know what EVERYTHING does. I can't tell you how many times I've had to scramble for the win when something hits the board that I have no idea what it does. I guess the old adage "practice makes perfect" is completely appropriate for Warmachine too. Which brings me to my second game.

John the Mennite nearly handed me my arse last night. I used a caster and a new mob which I'd never played before. The Gorgers were great, they really had some impressive damage output for only being p+s 11 & 9. Thanks to gang though they get MAT 8 and +2 damage which really helps a lot. General Slaughterborn didn't do much. Flying steel kept roll'n snake-eyes (more or less) so his one attack wasn't so great. I should have gone for the choir boys first and given him 5 blood marks making him p+s 18 arm 22 which is INSANE! Instead I went after big fellas with lots of wounds which just didn't work.

The Coven's spell Imprison was my MVP, kept charge lanes closed and helped me narrowly avoid certain death on the Testament's feat turn. It was hard fought battle and I was able to witness how squishy the Witch Coven is. Frankly I don't like'em. Maybe they just take some getting used to but I prefer support casters like Deneghra and Mortenebra. I really wanted to use epic Asphyxious but with the Testament's ability to suck away every soul I had to choose someone else.

All in all I had a good time last night. Stayed out a tad too late and the wife wasn't pleased, but, hearing about the wins made her forgive me. That's the secret boys, so long as you win you can stay out late. If you lose though, you'd better just plan on going home early.


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  1. It was a great game, and I agree with Imprison being nothing but a big pain in the ass. I do think that had I remembered that I had upkept soul storm that turn, you would have lost.

    You would have beckoned the bane knights right into it, they would have all died, and then you would have had to walk the bloodgorgers into it as well. They would have died, even if they had made their tough rolls, they would have been knocked down, and I could have survived the hits that would have come from them.

    But...if I am not smart enough to enact my own rules...I deserve to lose. Next time...I know better.


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