Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bane Knights 101

During my last game vs. Legion a rules question came into play. Not because my opponent had a question, not because I had a question. But because a spectator questioned my interpretation of the Bane Knight shadow shift ability.

Now I don't have anything against rules lawyers, heaven knows I've done my fair share of butting my big ugly mug in on more occasions than I care to remember. I simply can't stand it when people try to second guess me and my understanding of how my own army works. So in an attempt to clarify how my most feared unit functions here is a quick lesson.

Q: Can the same Bane Knight be targeted by shadowshift multiple times per turn?

A: If you wanted to every time a unit is eligible to Shadow Shift you could have the same model make the Shadow Shift move and attack, as long as you follow all the rules for Shadow Shift (namely the bits about formation)

Q: When will Shadowshifts resolve after multiple hits from chain lightnings, forked lightnings etc? (Also includes: purge, spray attacks and any aoe effect that rolls to hit every model under the template.)

A: After all simultaneous effects are resolved.

1-chain lightning hits a unit and proceeds to get 4 additional hits. All 5 models take the pow 10. Any destroyed are removed (not from play, just destroyed)

2-The unit then gets it's 5 shadow shifts used any way you want so long as you follow the rules for it (namely formation as mentioned)

This Q&A can be found at

Another thread with similar answers is

Hopefully this issue can be put to rest.



  1. McCryx that stuff bugs the piss out of me too. It's one thing if my opponent asks the question but third parties need to STFU. After the game? Ask the question? FLGS? Go ask the owner. I really think it interferes with the flow of the game.

    If I had to play devils advocate for only a second, the reason the FLGS allows games to be played on site is probably two fold. One is so the players come in, play and then buy. The other reason is likely so that new people can see the game played, get interested, and then get in the game.

    I doubt that given the nature of the question, it was either of these cases, and likely I know who it would be that would ask this as I have had the misfortune of such imprudence.

    Next time, cock punch him and move on. :-)

  2. But then he wouldn't let me back in his shop :( Then what would i do lol?


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