Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh No, I Suck Again!

Drove two hours for a tournament in Salt Lake City. I got whooped. Games were real close but as the old cliche states, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades."

I hate it when people lose and try to justify why they lost, I'm not gonna do it, probably because I'm pretty tired and running on empty about now. Basically I was too fidgety with my armies. I was moderately aggressive but not aggressive enough. I felt bogged down by the terrain, mostly due to the Bloodgorgers, not their fault by the way.

First game was a loss due to time running out and the Circle player had his ambuscade guys on a victory condition so he won by scenario. I had just feated with epic Gaspy and was about to charge Baldur with Slaughterborn, Tartarus and a handful of Bane Knights. Oh well, so sad, too bad.

Game two vs Cryx was pretty fun, but everyone knows how much I HATE same faction battles. I lost this one by scenario too, we pretty much gutted each other's army and by the end there wasn't much on the table. He ran pGaspy I ran the epic version. Time ran out and he had output more damage on the objective than I had by about 8 damage points. I don't remember the exact tally but that's neither here-nor-there.

Game three vs Skorne was a blast. I was tired of running eGaspy as I'd not had much success with him so far. He ran Mordikar (who is awesome by the way!) We duked it out a bit, I took over a few of his units, he killed a lot with the Venators ghost sighted by the Extoller. Ultimately I won because eDenny feated, made it so none of his stuff could move. I then killed the rest of what was in the objective zone and won. Straight forward and simple enough. It was the most fun game, not because I won, but my opponent was gracious and very chatty, I like that.

Game four vs Circle, again. Baldur, again. Slug-fest to the end. I was tired and wanted to go home so my heart wasn't in it. By now I'm so far out of the running for a prize that it's not funny. I killed his stuff, he killed mine. Ultimately he cast a hail marry at eDenny and scored just enough damage to send her back to Toruk (sp.) I lost. Boo.

Three of us went down, three of us returned. Our fantastic records a tad more tarnished than before but all the better for it I think.

I'd really like to see out play level here at our LGS increase, it's hard though, always playing the same people, same armies, same casters etc. I wish I had the time and money to travel more. It's hard now, what with a wife and kid. For now I'll have to settle for a small road trip every blue moon or so and pray that my local meta can help prepare me for those games. Here's hoping.


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