Wednesday, June 10, 2009


LGS tourney time again.

Escalation, meaning that in a three or four round event each player plays three lists starting at 350 MM/T&C. It then graduates to 500 then 750. At the 750 level we must use the epic version of our original caster if that option is available

My first question is this:

"Do I care about going epic?"

What I mean is, should my decision as to which caster I run be based solely on their ability to run epic at 750? Both Mortenebra and the Coven don't have the option so should that preclude them from the tournament?

Which then makes me wonder,
"Are the non epic versions capable of winning at their lower point values?"


"Do the epic choices I have available make a big enough difference at 750 compared to my other non epic casters?"

I'm not really worried about Deneghra, Skarre or Goreshade (who I still don't own so forget him anyway.) I am worried about Asphyxious at the 350 point level.

So does that eliminate him entirely? I don't think so but still. I'd like a few more games with him under my belt before I throw him to the wolves. That being said, Gaspy is an amazing assassin. Either by spells or by taking it into his own hands. Of feat turn I can cast hellfire multiple times or stick them with my spear several times then shadow wing away if the job isn't done.

At epic level he's a monster. Can't be charged, immune to blast damage and the warding is like having multiple Madrak scrolls. Combine that with insane soul harvesting and bloodgorgers and you have a recipe for destruction.

The coven can spell assassinate at the 350 and even 500 point levels quite easily. 750 becomes a tad more difficult any anyone I face in the final game should be competent enough to avoid the 3xSA to the face ploy anyway. Still, I'd feel like a tool for trying to pull that as my strategy. I'd be like a sissy Cygnar player using Haley and the Temporal barrier/turtle gimmick.

Mortenebra is amazing but after running her in a previous tourney I'm a little burnt out and I'd like to try my hand with a different caster. Also I can fully expect to make a variety of mistakes with Mortenebra seeing as how she was my primary caster during the MKII beta. I'd hate to lose because I forgot to move the Nightmare during my opponents turn as opposed to the beginning or my turn.

Skarre is out of the question as I don't own her epic version and really won't need it until MKII is officially released. (My group has shifted back to MKI)

Goreshade is right out as well. I don't own either version as I couldn't justify the expense of having to buy a box of bane thralls. Also, eGoreshade is a puddle of suck in MKII and not worth the purchase anyhoo.

Terminus. Don't own him and I don't think he's viable in a tourney game rife with "shooty" anyway. I think the fig is great but even in MKII he's just a big sissy. Nothing like you'd expect from a HUGE terrifying monster.

Next problem is creating a 350 point list that will blend into both 500 and 750 point lists. Not being a jack faction 350 will be the most crucial hurdle. once I lay the foundation I'm stuck with it for the remainder of the game. The only jacks I use consistently are nodes, Nightmare and the Deathjack. The DJ is too pricey for 350 and an all node list is real risky.

From this point list building gets easy as all I have to do is insert my favorite troops. You know, bile thralls, bane knights, the Nightmare. The basics.

Again my foe will be Haley and TB. I don't have much that can deal with it aside from careful maneuvering and a quick blitzkrieg with a Gaspy feat. I mean really, can't run, can't charge and def is -3 and it's a spell that can be cast EVERY damn turn. Stupid.

Other than that I shouldn't have any problems.

Wish me luck. It'd be nice to win one for a change. The last tourney I won wasn't even with my own faction, I played a 750 eVad army. Hmmmmmm. I could probably do that again lol. No wait. I refuse! Cryx can do this, Haley be damned!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Goes Bump In The Night

Cryx vs. Trolls
Epic Deneghra
Pistol Wraith
Bane Knights
Bile Thralls

Epic Doomshaper
Fell Caller
Alten Ashley
Swamp Gobbers

The Cryxian raiding party, en route to intercept a Cygnar supply train, stumbled upon a band of sleeping Trollbloods. Thinking that troll flesh made the sturdiest thralls the Wraith Witch quickly made a full advance towards their kriel prey.

An unfortunate human was sleeping next to a grain silo and was melted into a greasy puddle of corrosive goo. His terrified screams of agony alerted the kriels and their hulking kin to the Cryxian presence.

Doomshaper, in his gnarled wisdom, pulled the bulk of his force away from his left flank where opposite were advancing sacks of pestilence, bile thralls. The champions ran towards the sound of their fallen companion but were surprised when a neurotic dire troll mauler with a major jones for doomy picked some of their brethren up and hurled them towards the oncoming wave of undead. One throw was so well placed that the champion bullet demolished one of the deathrippers. The dazed troll could only lay there with a confused yet proud look on his face. Too bad he wasn't looking behind him at the full unit of bane knights less than a few yards away, otherwise his expression might have been a bit different, but we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

With a beastly chuckle, if trolls can chuckle, or it might have simply been gas, the dire troll grabbed another champion and hurled it towards the floating overlords and came up short, not short of a boulder, but short of hitting the floating telepaths. Consequently the champ got KO'd and wouldn't be able rejoin the fray, ever.

The remaining trolls lumbered forward in a cloud of gobber smoke and Mulg farts.

"Let's let them consume their own." Hissed the warwitch as she motioned the enigmatic cephalyx overlords forward.

The drooling dire troll mauler's eyes went even more vacant and slowly it ambled away from the fray. Meanwhile one of the champions was forced to make a full advance towards the Cryxian battle front.

Deneghra waved her spear commanded her skarlock to cast the harrowing compelling the remaining champions to sprint towards their cursed brother.

"Ima'gunna'keelyahbadly!" Screamed the witch as she attempted to suck the souls of Mulg, a hero, the swamp gobbers, the slag troll and an impaler down to hell. The beasts proved to strong for the dark magic but the gobbers were never seen from again.

In a rage the impaler threw a tree sized spear and impaled Gerlak knocking him several feet back into Tartarus. While any other troll would have returned to Dhunia, Slaughterborn pulled out the gore soaked shaft and cast it aside letting out a terrifying howl. Tartarus was pissed too, but, being an undead apparition he simply shook it off like a champ.

Again the dire troll mauler advanced and grabbed two not so champion champions by the throat and threw them towards a unit of bane knights. In a giant puff of blood and armor both knight and troll evaporated into goo.

More troll champion landed amongst the knights missing their targets and ending rather poorly with broken necks and backs.

"This fool is doing my work for me." Deneghra laughed. Quickly she slid forward binding all her foes in a terrible feat of darkness. Easily she could pick off one by one the full blooded trolls that blocked her path to instant victory. The path to Doomshaper.

Tartarus' giant axe bit heartily into several trolls and greatly wounded mulg. Mulg who in protest to being skewered promptly ate the bane lord. Tartar sauce was quickly vindicated as the nightmare and Slaughterborn cleaned up the mess only to be killed by the remaining slag troll.

The mauler limbered in front of the bane knights to block their charge to Doomshaper. While standing there its form turned to smoke and became incorporeal. With a clear path toDoomshaper the bane knights quickly overwhelmed him.

With Doomshaper out of the way the few remaining Kriels fled the field.

"Not a bad day wouldn't you say." Deneghra spoke over the quickly healing Gerlak Slaughterborn. Behind her a vaporeal shape took form as the bane lord retook his formidable form.

The necrosurgeons will be pleased with all this troll flesh.

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