Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh No, I Suck Again!

Drove two hours for a tournament in Salt Lake City. I got whooped. Games were real close but as the old cliche states, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades."

I hate it when people lose and try to justify why they lost, I'm not gonna do it, probably because I'm pretty tired and running on empty about now. Basically I was too fidgety with my armies. I was moderately aggressive but not aggressive enough. I felt bogged down by the terrain, mostly due to the Bloodgorgers, not their fault by the way.

First game was a loss due to time running out and the Circle player had his ambuscade guys on a victory condition so he won by scenario. I had just feated with epic Gaspy and was about to charge Baldur with Slaughterborn, Tartarus and a handful of Bane Knights. Oh well, so sad, too bad.

Game two vs Cryx was pretty fun, but everyone knows how much I HATE same faction battles. I lost this one by scenario too, we pretty much gutted each other's army and by the end there wasn't much on the table. He ran pGaspy I ran the epic version. Time ran out and he had output more damage on the objective than I had by about 8 damage points. I don't remember the exact tally but that's neither here-nor-there.

Game three vs Skorne was a blast. I was tired of running eGaspy as I'd not had much success with him so far. He ran Mordikar (who is awesome by the way!) We duked it out a bit, I took over a few of his units, he killed a lot with the Venators ghost sighted by the Extoller. Ultimately I won because eDenny feated, made it so none of his stuff could move. I then killed the rest of what was in the objective zone and won. Straight forward and simple enough. It was the most fun game, not because I won, but my opponent was gracious and very chatty, I like that.

Game four vs Circle, again. Baldur, again. Slug-fest to the end. I was tired and wanted to go home so my heart wasn't in it. By now I'm so far out of the running for a prize that it's not funny. I killed his stuff, he killed mine. Ultimately he cast a hail marry at eDenny and scored just enough damage to send her back to Toruk (sp.) I lost. Boo.

Three of us went down, three of us returned. Our fantastic records a tad more tarnished than before but all the better for it I think.

I'd really like to see out play level here at our LGS increase, it's hard though, always playing the same people, same armies, same casters etc. I wish I had the time and money to travel more. It's hard now, what with a wife and kid. For now I'll have to settle for a small road trip every blue moon or so and pray that my local meta can help prepare me for those games. Here's hoping.



  1. At least you got one win for the day. I completely understand what you mean re: difficulty travelling, but you know, convincing the missus that you deserve one trip a year, like say to Templecon in Feb, should be doable ;)

  2. Sometimes even the best lose :P

    I see that you lost 2 games due to scenario. You could change up the play style at your game store by playing more scenario games instead of casterkill. It might give you some much needed variation against all those people that only play 1 army.

  3. I am looking for any opportunity to play games out of town so I get more exposure to other gamers. I'm taking my army with me later on vacation and am going to try and see if there's a warmachine night at their FLGS. Meeting new people is always fun, too.

  4. @Losthimisphere: I've started saving already. The only problem will be come February we'll have a newborn and that could cause some stress. I'm trying to come up with a plan though.

    @Ahknas: Agreed. We do sometimes play scenario but ultimately it boils down to caster kill. Timed turns and game length really help.

    @Redfinnegas: Our local John The Mennite does just that and always rants on how much fun he had and about all the cool people he meets. I'd love to be a jet setter warmachine player, it'd be a blast.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!


  5. i understand how it is to play only against your play LGS. it hinders you in the long run. you learn only your opponents playstyles and when you go on to gencon ot another store people play different.

    i make it a goal to go out to different LGS and once in awhile out of state to play in events.



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