Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK OK, he Bastions really do look awesome. I made a post that was sort of a knee jerk reaction on the main forum about the five man unit costing close to $50 which I thought was just stupid. I made the assumption that the Bastions were similar in size to a Troll champion, or a blood gorger to be exact. So in my mind I felt that a unit of six metal figs for $54 is much more understandable than a five man unit of plastic figs for $45. It averages out to about $9.00 per fig. I prefer pewter so $9 is ok while $9 for plastic is not. What I didn't realize was that the bastions are huge, more on the size of Man-O-wars and Cetrati. With that size comparison in mind I do realize now that the Bastions being plastic is a good thing and really does save the player money. Whether or not you agree with the $90 rumored price they would have been had they been metal (way over priced if you ask me.)

So, that being said, I would LOVE for a 10 man unit of Fenn Blades to be released in plastic (I don't see two man blisters being plastic so they might as well release a full unit box set.)

For some reason when figs come in bulk, material is immaterial. I remember the good ol' days when I played Orcs and could buy goblins in batches of 30 for $40. Man those were good times. It'd be nice for the same to happen for Trolls.

I don't have much hope for Cryx in plastic as our last unit was just released and the blessed BloodGorgers are wonderful, magical metal.



  1. Really good write up Geoff. I hadn't thought of doing that kind of a comparison. I feel good about the plastic. I am sure it is going to be some pretty heavy duty resin and the detail is going to be breath taking. This is the kind of content that is going to have people beating a path to your blog. If you don't mind, I am going to put a link from my blog to this article.

  2. No worries, I figured you'd like the size comparison.

  3. Nice post. I think plastic Fennblades is a buy it or pass propisition for me. I can't take forking out over 100 bills for a unit after forking out for those Kriel Warriors.

  4. Amen brother, I just shelled out a cool $120 for the Bloodgorgers and Slaughterborn. Thankfully some extra B-day cash paid for most of it; else it would have been a jagged pill to swallow.


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