Monday, March 9, 2009

Bastions Set For June

Privateer Press has a new front page. Gracing the cover is a 360 degree view of the new plastic Bastions. They do look great but, and this is a huge BUT, the Mennites are getting ass raped having to pay msrp $44.99 for 5 of them. WTF?

I'm saddened that PP is going the way of Warhammer by producing cheap plastic figs at metal prices. There is no reason a box of five figs should cost more than $30.00. Even $30.00 is a bit steep but I understand that PP has to make a buck or two.

My next worry is that EVERYTHING to come will be in plastic. I hate plastic. I was assured by my LGS owner that PP would never use plastic yet here we are. I feel so frustrated by this that I'm having a hard time putting pen to paper and coming up with a clear concise argument.


  1. You know those would cost around $80 (for a full unit) if we produced them in metal, right?

    Also the closest thing GW makes that I can think of is the 5 man Termi box, which comes in at $50...

  2. But GW is Satan, of course he's going to charge $50 for a box of Termi's lol.

    The true underlying problem is that I've played wargames for almost two decades. I remember when I could buy lead figs and all sorts of other goodies for next to nothing. Now with inflation and the increased cost of raw materials prices are easily double what they were. It's hard to not want to return to the good ol' days when gaming was a tad more affordable.

    Don't get me wrong, I won't quit playing, just the stress relief that comes from weekly game night alone is well worth the cost of figs. I had simply hoped to see a lower price point for the plastics is all.

    I'm having a hard time justifying in my head that a plastic fig is just as special as a metal one lol.

    Thanks for the comment glad to have you.


  3. I just got done paying over $80 for my little horsies, and personally I am thrilled to have the unit for $45. I am guessing this is going to be some bad ass resin, not that crapper-ware, this is genuine nupont nylon...if you get the movie reference...I award you a soul token in our next game.

  4. You know I had my concerns moving to Utah and I have to admit that ass rape was one of them. I keep hearing all of you talk about it and I start worrying that the entire state is going to become like a male prison or something along those lines.

    I gotta remember who it is safe to drink around. lol

  5. Turtle porn. What's next on this blog?


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