Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Caster Wish List

MKII brings not only a whole new play style and dynamic to the game but we've also been teased with promises of a new jack and warcaster in each of the faction books. Some discussion has arisen on the main forum debating what we hope to see.

I for one hope to see a warcaster more in line with the whole "undead" theme of the army. I mean c'mon. We're devilish warmongers whose ranks of the undead swell with the bodies of the slain. That being said there is nothing in Cryx which reflects that. Which is why I want to see a true necromancer lich lord!
I want a caster which has an ability like that of the Testament of Menoth or even like Alexia with her risen. Look at epic Makeda, her feat lets you bring back destroyed models and add them to an existing unit. How cool is that? My problem though is that all these factions are not necromantic nor do they have fluff about being so. So where's the love?

Cryx = Necromancy

So give us a Necromancer already.



  1. Bile Thralls purge, bring them back, purge again. That's why you won't get it. As of now Tarter Sauce brings Banes in for free, that's pretty much an army of the undead right there.

  2. seconded... MKII is supposed to fix a lot of the broken not make it worse.

  3. I think some of that could be easily managed with the removed from play vs destroyed. I have to admit I was pretty envious to hear about John bringing back his vengers over and over with the Testament of Menoth.

  4. Lol, narrow minded fools! MKII is changing everything. So mayhaps biles are removed from game, perhaps the necromancer brings back only bane thralls or mechanithralls. Obviously there are other options than bile thralls etc. Perhaps the new caster gets "risen." Think outside the box.

  5. By your logic, Searforge should have a unit of Ogrun since, well, Rhul contains the largest population of Ogrun in Western Immoren, and according to fluff they serve in Rhul's military...
    ... and yet the only Orgun units in the game are affiliated with Cryx and Legion :P

  6. I agree with you though. Of course doesn't the ogrun Bokur work for seaforge? I realize that's only 1 though.

  7. Doesn't eGoreshade bring back all those stealthy knights to play?

    The undead elf raises the dead!

  8. Ogrun are represented in Searforge by the fact that we get 1 extra FA of bokur (ie 3 instead of the regular 2) But I do think a castor is needed similar to the testament perhaps, using 3 focus to bring a model back etc.

  9. day of travel and I fall so far behind on blogs!!! I think from a fluff standpoint, the idea of a more necromantic caster makes a bunch of sense. Keep in mind though, someone thought an Idrian caster for Protectorate was a good idea...and look what we got. Amon. Careful what you ask for.


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