Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm busy. Really busy. I have a family (hot wife & a cute kid), work full time and am taking 15 credits at the university. It's my senior year and I still have a thesis to somehow crap out in less than a month. Needless to say, playing a tournament game that is meaningless just doesn't appeal to me. Sooooooo I figured that since we already had an undefeated player it didn't really matter if I play or not. Apparently there are a few peeps pissed that I'm throwing in the towel. So, even though I have much more important things to do, Dallas and I have agreed to play tonight. It's going to probably be the first time ever that I have played a game with little or no interest at all. I'm so tired of running the same list. I have a full new unit of Blood Gorgers that scream "play me you fat bastard" and a ton of lists I've been wanting to test. So here goes nothing. Hope we can get this over with in less than two hours. I'll update with the results.
Yay, I lost by scenario. He like 4 figs left, I just didn't have anything on the hill. Wooopity-do. He'd have been extinct had we gone another round.


  1. Good try Geoff. Too bad you didn't get to play me on King of the Hill. My list OWNS King of the Hill. I only lost to Brian by sheer stupidity on my part.

    ToM + Avatar + Vengers + 2 Choirs and Zealots worth of souls = YOU LOSE

    Hows that for trash talk. LOL

  2. I have a few things that I would happily throw at you on King of the Hill. Its called a brick, the best part about the brick... if I lose I can still put all the pieces in a sock and sock jack you with them.

  3. Mennites don't have "tough" which is what saved Dallas. It was the fact that he had tough rolls keeping his blue bastards alive which secured him the scenario win. Had two failed as they should have (grrrr) it would have been a McCryxian domination.


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