Tuesday, March 17, 2009



nem·e·ses: an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome (without difficulty)

Ever notice how there is always that guy that when you play you have to work so incredibly hard for a win. Or worse, that guy that for some reason you just can't seem to beat?

I questioned the Wednesday night crew as to who their nemesis was and here are thee results:

Brian = 3 Votes (Cygnar)
Myself = 3 Votes (Cryx)
Dallas = 1 Vote (Trolls)

4 Votes still pending. Chime in if you haven't yet!


  1. Theres a Khador guy at our club who fits that bill, never seems to lose

  2. Did I vote? I am voting for Brian. Played him 3 times and I think the closest I got to winning was actually the first game at 500 points. Of course I haven't played you Geoff, so maybe I should just abstain.

  3. Wrong John dude, you're thinking of cerealjohn.

  4. I would say Geoff. I don't think I've actually played against Brian one on one and I've only played Dallas once against his trolls. Me and Adam are about split on win/loss.


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