Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Finally Over HOORAY!

The tournament that never ends has finally ended.

eVlad and his Khador Krew laughed in the face of cheese by expressly defeating Haley and her bubble of death in a "King of the hill" match.

What does this victory mean to the world of Logan Warmachine? Not much, just proves that the only way to beat Haley is by scenario. In Brian's defense eVlad is almost every bit as cheesy and borken as pHaley. There is a reason eVlad has consistently won nationals and other "cons" across the nation.

Good games guys. Back to casual play, this way I can fine tune my blighted troll list! Ha HA!



  1. Thank God it's over.

  2. Are you going to play Dallas for 2nd place?

  3. Yes, casual play. Let me know what you think of those bloodgorgers.

  4. Dallas and I aren't going to play, unless it's casual. No sense in it. Blood gorgers are awesome. One more game and they get a write up.


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