Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menoth Be Damned!

John the Mennite has laid down a challenge. Or maybe I challenged him, I don't remember. Either way in a post of his he failed to show the respect Toruk is due so he must now pay for such insolence. He's already spoiled his list so here is my own.

Pistol Wraith
Bane Knights
Bile Thralls

This is a new list to me, mainly the Bloodgorgers and the General, the rest are "old glove" and should perform just as well as ever.

The Harbinger has this nasty ability to keep her troops from submitting to Turok thanks to martyrdom. Worse off she (the Harbinger) will have the pleasant company of Doc Killingsworth and while he chews on the fingers and miscellaneous body parts of patients who never recovered, he will be able to heal the wench allowing her to make use of the ability to my lament.

It would be a shame for the kindly doctor to meet an untimely demise. I do however believe that there is a pistol wraith which has a bullet or two with his name on them.

While the Harbinger plays a game of attrition, I do have to beg an apology ahead of time and clarify that by no means do I intend to play the same game. Everything I have will go directly towards her with nigh but one purpose; kill the whore.

That my friends is my simple strategy. Assassination.



  1. Simple but effective strategy. That is my usual strategy.

  2. The Harbinger's much squishier than most folks make her out. At 14/14 DEF/ARM (and a large base) she'll go down to a stiff breeze if she's not camping on focus. If she's camping on focus she's not casting Martyrdom and/or Purification.

    Cryx player's best bet is to threaten her on all fronts - keep at her troops even though your instincts say go for the assassination and nothing more. Doing so causes damage if she wants to keep them alive. Meanwhile put some spell effects out there that she really wants gone AND keep some nodes where they're in position to pounce on her (send them in waves if you can).

    If the Harbinger player tries to stretch her thin covering all the bases, you can punch through. If the player doesn't, abuse whatever avenue you're can to cripple him as quickly as possible.

  3. Well, figure that my two best infantry units will have her taking D3 wounds left and right, let alone what one bile thrall can do to a unit that's too tightly grouped. It'll be a tough game though, but eGaspy is amzingly tough to deal with.

  4. hmmm....we shall see...we shall see...

  5. One last comment...I may have 19 followers of my blog but YOU and Dallas have PPS_Kevin. That is equal to 30 followers! Color me green with envy!


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