Friday, March 27, 2009

Keeping That New Army Feel

I think I have a problem. Not a terrible problem, but still a problem. I'm bored.

Not the terrible boredom that turns someone from one hobby to the next, simply the boredom which demands a brief change of pace.

As you can tell from the blog I play Cryx. A faction full of undead goodness, er, badness. I LOVE mah boyz so don't hate me when I admit that I really don't want to play another game with them, for at least a week.

A week may seem like very little time to you but it's a horrendously long time to a war gamer. We're obsessed with the battle, the carnage, the painting and the list building. Hundreds of texts and emails are sent in weekly anticipation for game night. Hours slowly fade and the agony of the day passes one slow grain of sand at a time. A week is a lifetime.

Here's what I've thought up to add a little zest to game night; tell me what you think.
  • 500 point "King Of The Hill" battle royal. 3-4 players per table.
  • Each person puts their name in a hat.
  • Everyone draws a name.
  • The name of the person drawn is the army you field!!!
How cool would that be?

The hardest part would be knowing that each person would go for the units they hate the most. I'd pick Haley + Squire if I drew CygnarBrian. I'm sure Dallas would go for Deneghra and bile thralls, lots and lots of bile thralls. etc.

Change is good, plus it helps one realize the awesomeness of their own faction and reaffirms why they play.



  1. That would be fun, but if Thorns arm is going to get broken off again, I want to be the one doing it; not someone else.

  2. We all play at the table to there is some supervision.

  3. ....*so* there is some supervision. I can't spell.


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