Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McCryxian Domination

It was time to "Put up, or shut up" and I knew it.

All week I'd been texting John the Mennite as to the horrors he would face come game night. I boasted consistently as to my mighty prowess as a Warmachine genius. Yeah, I probably overstated a few things, but hey, what's a little smack-talk between wargamming buddies right? Right.

I'd been planning on running Epic Asphyxious all week but the nagging feeling that John would pull a "reversie" and bring the Testament left me unsure of myself. As I stated in my previous post I knew I needed to pick a caster which would help me deal a ton of damage and literally force the Harbinger to either take a ton of damage or let her troopers perish. For this reason I chose Skarre.

My list was a cinch to build, as I explained in my previous post. I had to choose between Bane Knights or Bloodgorgers though and this was a real tough decision.

Bane Knights (BK) are a staple, I've been running these guys since day one and have become very adept with them. From yo-yo tricks and beckon sneak attacks I've done it all and know what these guys can do.

Bloodgorgers (BG) are a different story all together er. They are big, hindered by terrain (sort of), relatively weak p+s when not ganging up on their target and really expensive point wise. That being said I KNEW that I needed to put out a huge amount of damage and force the Harby to let people die. BK's with their one attack would kill plenty, but not enough, lives would be sparred thanks to martyrdom. BG's have double the number of attacks and could realistically wipe out entire units on a charge. I chose the BG's.

Time to play..

Terrain is set and our scenario is "DIE BITCH DIE!" Caster kill for those that are a bit on the slow side. I win initiative and choose to go first.

Here's a picture of my deployment zone. I knew I was going first so I packed them all together as I have planned to run them all straight ahead full.
Turn 1Me I run everything forward, Skarre too. Focus factory with skarlock and a mechanithrall.

Turn 1 John: He advances, a tad slower than my advance, mostly just moves his guys forward in a long line with Harby in the back, bastions in front of harby and a row of zealots with the Monolith bearer and leader behind them. Rhovan, 2x Seneschalls and Gravus on my right, Vilmon, 2 paladins of the wall and the crazy monk to my left. Next to Harby was a devout, the choir, gorman and doc killingsworth.

Turn 2 Me: More of the same, ran everything forward. Charged Vilmon with the deathjack, necrovented killing him Yay! Harby cuts herself and takes two damage and Vilmon gets to live, boo. Cankerworm moves out of the trees thereby getting out of Gravis' charge range. Skarre pops her feat and tries to "fly's kiss" Rhovan's body guard, no one dies, yet. Skarlock sac's another mechanithrall for focus factory and Gorman puts down a cloud on Skarre.

Now you may wonder why I chose to feat so early and not take advantage of a sac strike or the amazing boost to damage, well I'll tell you why. Skarre wasn't in position and I really wanted my guys to survive John's next round. Arm 20 BG's and arm 18 Biles stand a pretty good chance of making it through to next turn mostly intact.

Turn 2 John: Vilmon and the paladins' cause a lot of hurt to the Deathjack but don't even knock out a system. His monk moves towards the DJ. Zealots mini feat but don't move or throw bombs. Harby tries to kill a few with a spell, doesn't do any damage. That's about all I remember, I'm sure he moved the rest of his force though only incrementally.

Turn 3 Me: CHARGE!!! Even though the zealots are under the boon of their mini feat (they cannot be harmed) I run to engage them anyway. I charge so that each BG is engaged with two zealots to maximize their "gang" ability. Bile thralls advance and one purges on Rhovan and his body guard. Cankerworm charges, even with the boosted damage roll and +2 damage for corrosion I still only manage to inflict minimal damage to one of the body guards. Slaughterborn charges, he brings the pain but not enough to kills one of the guards completely. Deathjack causes problems for the paladins causing a ton of wounds to Harby as she tries to keep them alive. Eventually she gives up and one falls victim to the DJ, who then uses the newly sucked soul to head D6 wounds (I rolled a 6 HA!) Pistol Wraith continues to advance towards Harby, The WSC ice the monk and Skarre moves towards Gravis, sac strikes him off is mount. Skarlock = Focus factory, gorman lays smoke. Done.

Turn 3 John: This turn is a blur. Rhovan and his body guard lay some serious smack on the Cankerworm but thanks to its incredible damage grid not a single system is lost. One Seneschal obliterates my node and the other causes a few pips more damaged to the cankerworm slamming it into the general. Harby blasts the pistol wraith and Vilmon with his paladin cremate the DJ. A BG dies somehow while another makes two tough rolls! Huzzah!

Turn 4 Me: Skarre advances, sac strikes Harby for 5 damage (more or less, I don't really remember, it wasn't a lot) cast dark guidance. BG's attack and kill all 9 zealots earning full blood marks so now they are speed 7, tough on 4+, roll an additional damage die and every time they kill something can move up to 3". Slaughterborn attacks, wipes out the body guard. Cankerworm attacks, doesn't do much. Bile thrall purges, kills the bastions, cankerworm, seneschalls and my arc node. It was worth it. Now there is a clear lane to the Harbinger. I remove all the bloodmarks from the BG's and charge in with as many as I can fit around her. Game over.

And tonight's MVP award goes to......

In all it was a great game. Everything in my army performed as it should and nothing let me down. I feel a little sheepish letting the DJ get tied up by Vilmon and his paladins but then again I was able to deal a lot of damage to Harby via martyrdom thanks to the DJ smashing the paladins around.

I'm confident in the BG's ability to really perform. As they gain more and more blood tokens they become insanely good. I'm sold, I love the bad trolls.

It's late and I'm really tired. I have to get up in 4 hours for work so I'll end this here.

Good job boyz, ya did me proud.


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  1. My hat is off to you Geoff. I wish I had brought ToM and the Horsies. I think things would have turned out very different. :-)


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