Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been giving it a lot of thought. While eGaspy would be a hoot'n a half to play I just don't think Gaspy would be able to convey my message to John the Mennite.

What message doth thou ask?

That Cryx rule!

Skarre has so much to offer. She can buff her own troops, blow stuff up with a good selection of anti infantry spells and best of all can sac her own troopers to generate even more focus. On average Skarre should be roll'n with 9-10 focus each turn. This will really let me be able to effectively run the Deathjack, keep my guys hitting the mennites and allow some focus camping for added armor. In addition she's fast, amazing in combat and will be safely hidden behind a swath of medium sized bases. Bloodgorgers rock!

That being said it's time to delve into the list. Mind you this is a work in progress. I'm having a hard time deciding on bane knights or bloodgorgers. Either way the lists will be effectively the same. The only reason I really want to run the gorgers is the extra attack (and they're new so I want to break them in!)

Da List
  • pSkarre: Sac Strike, Focus Factory, Dark Guidance, Fly's Kiss
  • Cankerworm: My guided missile. If I want it dead I'll send the worm.
  • Deathjack: With all the focus Skarre will generate with the factory I'll run him hot and deadly. He can cast fly's kiss or hellfire, cause multiple command checks and rip face. I love him.
  • Deathripper: An arc node, what more can I say. Plus sustained p+s attacks is wicked good.
  • The General: This will be his second game (with the actual model) and I have big hopes for the guy. He's deceptively fast and should be able to rake in the blood marks. More command checks.
  • Gorman: LOS? What LOS?
  • Pistol Wraith: My ace in the hole. Plan on him hiding in the trees until the time is right.
  • Skarlock: Focus factory.
  • Bile Thralls: A Cryx staple since Prime and the bane of all infantry. I plan on Harby taking a lot of damage from martyrdom thanks to these guys.
  • Blood Gorgers: Can you say furious charge with effective rat 10, p+s 16 & 14 attacks. You can't save'em all Harby.
  • Mechanithralls: Fodder, good for sac'n, snack'n and feed'n the factory.
  • Withershadow Combine: Another ace in the hole. No worries about Vilmon, let's Skarre re-roll lowest damage dice on sac-strike, eliminate up keeps, stealth and terror.


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  1. She does have a Great Wrack...or at least eSkaare does. ;-)


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