Saturday, March 7, 2009

Death To Menoth!....Er, I Mean Legion.

Spring Break Is HERE! Hallelujah.

To celebrate I went to work. Yeah, bummer. But that's ok, I had a match all lined up vs John the Mennite. With the remarkable display of board dominance from eDeneghra yesterday I thought John's army would serve as an equally good target for my eDenny CCHax list. He has loads of infantry, relatively low command and not many leaders to lend a hand with the multiple checks he WILL be making.

Work was excruciating as all I could think about was my impending game vs Menoth. I get a text from John, apparently one of his kids had set the dog on fire and or maybe it was the other way around, I don't remember. What I did know was that I had an itch that needed scratching. Luckily for me there was a poor unsuspecting soul just hang'n around Phoenix Games. Jeff, the blighted Legion Bastardo. Game On!!!

I brought the exact same list as before. (See the previous battle report)

Jeff brought:
Shredder x 5
Blighted Archers

Geoff wins initiative

We're playing scenario, "Treasure Hunt." It was lame. Mark a spot in the middle of the board. A model on the spot may sacrifice its activation for 2 turns to locate the treasure. Then, a heavy has to pick it up and carry it back to your deployment zone for the win. Simple enough.

To make a long and rather un-interesting battle report short, Nightmare for the win.



  1. Thanks for making the un-interesting battle report short. I wished I lived nearer so I could get in more games. If John keeps offering kool-ade eventually we will have a Malt-O-Meal league, and I will be able to just go to work and play. Since that is what us engineers do all the time anyways. :-)

  2. I thought you might like a link to my blog. I started a bit after John, but I'm not as prolific a writer.


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