Saturday, March 7, 2009

Conquest Continued (Turn Two)

So it's Dalla's turn again. He activates his KW's and runs them forward into combat with the bile thralls. He didn't charge though so no bile thralls died this turn. He then moved his rune shapers forward and "rune-cast" (I made that word up) a Cephalyx to death. The rune shapers get +1 to their attack rolls for each other rune shaper within 1" which makes them essentially RAT 8! Sick. Fenn Blades are suffering still from Harrowing being cast on them last turn. As such they are forced to bunch together essentially ending their activation this turn. Champs move forward, Calandra the KSB and some whelp advance as well. Calandra casts Befuddle on the bile thralls, hitting their paltry DEF 11 easy as pie. They get moved forward 3" facing backwards. Impaler activates, casts Farstrike and nails denny for 8 points of damage, OUCH! She's almost 1/2 dead on T2. Time for some payback.

My turn. I can't upkeep Harrowing as it's out of my control area (at least we think that's how it works.) Move some bile thralls, and POP'em! More dead stuff Hooray! The overlords charge the Rune Shapers killing 2 of them. The Withershadow Combine attack the KW's and only manage to kill one of them thanks to the dice gods being on vacation. Gorman attaccks too and manages to hit a KW, his stupid p+s stiletto can't get past their armor. Advance Tartarus, curse the Fenn Blades, as if they aren't having a hard enough time as it is, then beckon the unit of bane knights close buy. I put the bulk of them close enough to the fenn blades that I'm able to kill the major portion. The flanking pistol wraith kills a few fenn blades as well. Advance the nightmare and kill a KW, Cankerworm doesn't do much of anything. My skarlock casts tenebreus exile on the KW's making the incorporeal for a round effectively removing them from action for a while. Denny advances, cast Hellmouth on Calandra, hits and does some damage to her. The spell also damages a champion, kills a stone scribe, removes the KSB from play hurts the pyre troll and the Impaler causing some whelps to plop out. Denny feats making it so that nothing in her control area (enemy models) may move except to change facing and suffer -3 DEF. I end my turn.

Turn 3: Now we're at the end of our story. Simply Dallas cannot move, Calandra is withing charging distance of the bane knights, Tartarus and eDeneghra her self. In a last ditch effort Calandra casts her offensive spell (which I didn't know she had) and knocks denny down a few notches. Casts it again, (Denny is almost dead now! WTF?), Calandra hits but rolls snake eyes for damage, Deneghra lives woot! Impaler tries to throw at her but misses because she's incorporeal.

My Turn: Charge in Denny, force to hit, force damage, Fat Gypsy Troll is worm food. Good game.

In all the game was very educational. Not having use Deneghra's epic incarnation I wasn't sure how well she would do. Regular Denny is the uber bane to Trolls thanks in part to her amazing list of spells that debuff like no other. eDenny doesn't have that option. As it turns out though, spells like Harrowing and hellmouth really help with board control. Making him move guys out of formation or not at all is terrific. eDenny is squishy though, being incorporeal is a cool ability but there is a lot out there that counts as a magic attack. Lucky for me I had removed the KSB from play so that the aura was no longer a factor. I'm going to have to ensure that I have screening models with eDenny more so than I did this game.



  1. Sounds like a good game. I would be interested on your thoughts about the withershadow combine. I am looking at picking up some new models in the next couple weeks and so far on my list is bane knights, tartarus, nightmare, and terminus. I am also considering the withershadow combine, nyss hunters, and possibly the deathjack.

  2. Everything you have on your want list is amazing. If I was forced to put them in order of priority:

    Bane Knights (At least 8)
    Withershadow Combine
    Nyss Hunters
    Terminus (My least favorite caster and not too terribly effective.)

  3. Gosh...I don't know if I agree with this list McCryx...If I were Shaun I would order of importance....

    LOTS of Defilers (At Least 8)
    The Black Ogren Boarding Party
    Bane Thralls
    Machine Wraiths (Full Field Allowance)

    and most importantly....

    The Leviathan


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