Friday, March 6, 2009

Conquest Of The Kriels

It was a hard fought battle today vs. the Fat Gypsy lady and her HUGE mob of Kriel's. I decided it was time to start spring break a bit early and theummhummguy and I grabbed a quick 750 point battle and duked it out.

I brought:

Epic Deneghra
Pistol Wraith
Bane Knights (8)
Bile Thralls (9)
Cephalyx Overlords
Gorman Di Wulfe
Scrap Thrall

Dallas Brought:

Fat Gypsy
Pyre Troll
Fell Caller
Fenn Blades
Kriel Warriors + UA & WA
Rune Shapers
Farrow Bone Grinders
Swamp Gobbers

The initiative went to Dallas. He set his Trolls pretty spread out across the board (he had some 50+ models) and took up a ton of space. Gypsy was in the middle with the KSB and Champs for protection.

He pretty much ran everyone forward then popped her feat. Gutsy move if you ask me. Gutsy and smart. He also activated the KSB using the ESS which negated continuous effects, namely corrosion, so trying to get a ton of corrosion on him via bile thralls wouldn't do me any good.

My turn. Knowing that each and every troll had a 66% chance of staying alive I had to think long and hard about how I wanted to open my game. I ran the pistol wraith up the right flank and the cephalyx overlords the left. I only moved an arc node a few inches putting his units in harms way via eDeneghra's spell list. I moved some of the bile thralls forward putting them in range of a purge or two which caused some decent damage to the champions but didn't really do much else. Corrosino was a moot point because of the Elder Stone Scribe and the "no continuous effects" aura. Tartarus and the BK's advanced towards the fenn blades. My nightmare didn't do a whole lot, it advanced towards a KW and killed it. My cankerworm trotted out, killed a whelp and scuttled away, the sly bastard. I advanced my scrap thrall and necrotech then finished with eDenny herself. She arced hellmouth onto a fenn blade causing his ranks to scramble as they were forced to move D3 inches towards the affected model. Once they were all in position they each took an individually boostable pow 12 hit, if they died they were removed from play instead of dying gracefully. A lot of them died. I admit though I did play that a tad on the wrong side. You see epic Asphyxious has a spell called Excarnate which when it deals sufficient damaged to destroy said model it is removed from play. This is how I played hellbound. Which is wrong. Dallas should have had the opportunity to roll tough first. At least that's how I've come to understand the rule on tough. Either way. I then cast harrowing on a fenn blade which is just such a funny spell. Harrowing makes every other model in the unit move directly towards the affected model during its activation. If they kill their own cursed fig then the unit flees. It worked great and basically removed the fenn blades from the game. I then ended my turn.

Turn 2 Dallas

More to come........ I got a date with a pretty lady!!!


  1. So by the title it sounds like you won, but I still can't tell. What a tease.

  2. No doubt...I can't wait to hear how this came out. You are a great writer bud. Keep it up!


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