Monday, April 20, 2009


My lack of blogging is due to two factors.
  1. I have an insane amount of homework
  2. I've spent most my energy trying to deal with the cannibalism in the Cryx community.
Let's focus a little on factor #2

I know, cannibalism. Really? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Well, taken from my perspective it's when one person attempts to undermine the efforts of his or her own team. Think about it. Was eating your own kind any way to continue the propogation of the human race as a whole? Nope.

It's similar to what is going on in the Cryx community and quite frankly I'm tired of it.

Each post if rife with Cryxian wannabe's and hyperbole. What I'm really tired of is that a few people who don't even play Cryx are spewing their vomit all through threads which started as sincere discussions but have deteriorated into cock fights.

So much energy has been spent gathering empirical data yet the nay sayers remain steadfast in their ignorance.

I'm done. I just wanna play.



  1. I maintain that playing against other factions than my own, and having some good WM/Hordes experience entitles me to a different and valid point of view about other factions. Whether those of that faction like it or not.

  2. You said yourself that when you posted in the Cryx forum you were just looking to start some flames. Your buddy sevwall can't keep his "theory machine" mouth shut either. It's frustrating. It's like a legion player coming to the troll forum and trying to convince you all that you're op. Doesn't make sense. But as my blog stated, I'm done. This is my last post on both the forums and the blog that has anything to do with mkii. I just want to play. Se everyone can keep their vomit and theories to themselves or in their own blog.

  3. I agree with Blah. I've played against Cryx enough times to say if their Nodes are too expensive or not, and I say not.

    Then the forums erupt in a giant flame war because they are afraid the PP will agree with me.

    Same goes with the Avatard, I feel I can safely say that Spell Ward, ARM 23, POW 21 main hand, and MAT 12 or whatever it is needs to be fixed. There is no way in hell it should only be 10 points when the 12 point TH only has 1/2 as many abilities. Even the 12 point DJ gets obliterated in one turn by the thing.

  4. You may play against them but not with them so when it comes to beta testing your opinion is related to not just the fig but also the person using them. Not a fair assessment. PP is looking for playability and equilibrium. How can you assess this when you're not using the fig?

    Its my opinion that for beta purposes only that the lacksadalsicle opinions of non faction players should remain in their own forum, not trolling other players forums who are simply trying to come together as a collective in hopes of bettering the game as a whole.

    Either way I too am done with MKII, I'm to the point where I don't want to argue anymore, it's just not worth it.

    As a side note: I'd give up every node we have for a thorn or hell, even a lancer. As it stands now we're essentially paying the same for a worthless fig and don't try to argue that Cygnar casters don't have an equally amazing array of spells.



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