Wednesday, April 15, 2009

350 MM Tourney Update + MKII Test vs. Cygnar

Tonight was the final games for the 350 MM tournament. I played vs Circle and came out on top.

pDenneghra and the Nightmare are a wicked combo. Cankeworm earned his points easily while the nodes were obliterated pretty easily. Denny used her feat defensively allowing the nightmare to avoid being charged.

Endgame found Baldur being chargede by the nightmare and his only beast left had full fury so he couldn't transfer damage. Game over.

Second game of the night was a MKII pick up game vs. eHaley. Wow, I didn't realize how f'ing annoying she is. Run and spell bomb, run and spell bomb. It got real old real fast. I was literally crippled by my lack of nodes, but at 5 points a piece and at 25 points I had to be very selective about what to take

I ran the Gorgers, Seether, Slaughterborn, Stalker, Cankerworm and Bile thralls.

Gorgers = fail. They killed s storm smith, woo woo.
Slaughterborn was so very close to being devastating to the precursors but failed to hit on his 2nd attack. Seether bust heads but without reach or any follow up wasn't able to do much more than kill 2 knights. Stalker hurt the ironclad but not much. Cankerworm failed to reach the ironclad on his charge. Boo.

After a few rounds it was getting late so we called it a game. Most my stuff was dead thanks to Haley dropping two 4" AoE pow 14 spells per round. It's hard to keep up with that when she's approx 24" away as she casts it. Thankfully eSkarre's feat somewhat negated her feat by making some of my most precious figs immune to damage for a round but still, with him running away most the game it was more or less pointless.

It was a good game though. I saw the need for arc nodes as eSkarre's spell with average range 6" were impossible to cast while keeping her out of harms way. Skarlock was ok, not too amazing but able to cast a few of the unit buff spells helping to manage foc.


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  1. It was a Centurion, not an iron clad and it didn't take any damage (we both failed with our charges).

    The only turn I didn't advance was the turn Skarre used her feat and I couldn't target most of your front line. I wasn't gonna stick around and find out what happened next.

    My main plan was to thin out your swarm via Time Bomb, then get a good shot with Dominate and kill your solo's/caster with the seether/slayer.

    I call it a learning experience for both of us. GG


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