Wednesday, April 8, 2009

350 Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw

Our LGS ran a MM/TC tourney today and it was an absolute blast! I really like that point level as it poses some tactical issues.

An all Jack list limits my choices and creates synergy issues.

Cryx don't have "amazing" jacks and rely more on tricky solutions ala Warcasters.

Fewer figs make it more important to accurately anticipate your opponents next move else you may leave yourself open for a charge or flank attack.

I don't own very many jacks as I prefer infantry-machine.

Taking those issues into consideration I originally planned on running a cheesy Coven list with a bunch of nodes. My problem is that I only have a few defailers and deathrippers with no nightwretches (I know, heresy.) After throwing a list together I kept coming up significantly short. Some people are ok with that, but I just can't do it.

Here's what I ran:
  • Deneghra
  • Cankerworm
  • Nightmare
  • Deathripper
  • Deathripper
I really like this list for a few reasons. First 3/5 have stealth and those that don't are def 15 which is insane good when dealing with MKI's low mat/rat jacks.

I also like having advance deploy on the worm and a jack that can move out of turn allowing it to set up an assassination run.

Lastly, all four jacks have terrific synergy and gain a ton from Deneghra's spell list and feat.

Time to play.

ROUND ONE vs Legion of Ever-broken.

Legion ran:
  • Saeryn
  • Serraph
  • Angelius
  • Shredders x 3
Sum it up real quick. I eff'n lost!

I had him on his heels scrambling for position by my second turn. Already his Angelius was pretty much paste and his serraph was knocked down. Shredders were taking damage left and right and he was down to only 5 life.

What happened next? Oh, I don't know, Saeryn's broken feat pops and I have to sit a turn scratching my but as he essentialy gets two turns in a row.

Legion guy spends fury healing a single pip in each column in each of his beasts circles. Serraph rolls a 6 on strafe then obliterates the cankerworm with die showing 5's and 6's for damage. Shredders all go rabid and chomp of both the nightmare's arms an the Angelius fame jets my deathripper and fries the node. What can I do? Nothing except try and run my other node up and lob some venom's.

Not enough damage. His turn next. There is no way he can kill Denny unless he rolls really well for strafe from the serraph. Either way all my stuff aside from Deneghra will be fried to I simply concede. Good game.

What did I learn from this experience? That legion at 350 and 500 is so broken that an inexperienced player can pwn with them. Imagine what a more competent play can accomplish. *Side Note* same guy chomped Darius for the win next round now continues onto the championship game. (Sigh)

ROUND TWO vs. Khador
  • Khador ran:
  • Irusk
  • Beast 09
  • Destroyer
Game was quick and painful. If you were the Khador guy.

My turn: Run forward, canker on the right flank hiding behind a farm house, nightmare on the left flank.

His turn: He moves forward, destroyer lobs a shot at a node, misses but the deviation catches it. boosts damage and knocks out my movement. Irusk casts Inhospitable ground and ends his activation. Nightmare responds with prey.

My turn. Ghost walk on Deneghra, move forward, feat. Use nightmare's imprint and charge Irusk from 13" for the win. Good game.

I'm still seething from my first loss to David and his stupid Legion army that I play two more pick up games and give them both a sound thrashing as well. So for the evening is was 3 for 4, too bad the game that really mattered most was a wash.

Apparently I can still vie for 3rd place. Yay more paint.

One thing these games verified was my love for the Cankerworm. It's terrific. Utterly squishy but good all the same. I've submitted a few "underpowered" feedback forms on the little guy.

Until next week.....



  1. If I lose to Dave and you win then you probably have second place in the bag. If I win and Dave loses 3rd is you best hope.

  2. And if there is a Menoth...Trolls will thump them damn broken snakes.

  3. P.S. I lost to him too proving once and for all; You can be a bad player and still win with Legion. BROKEN!

    From what Mike O told me he cheated and my lack of Hordes rules was my downfall, I guess he pushed damage onto a turkey full of fury to save Saeryn. Oh well, live and learn.


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