Sunday, November 29, 2009

MKII Hordes Field Test = Fail

First off I think the MKII field test has been pretty dang amazing if you ask me. Looking at nearly 90% of the figs it feels like each of the factions are very well rounded. They each have a few A+ peices, B's, C's and yes, a few failures. (Scattergunners you fail.)

What I'm so surprised at is the overwhelming amount of "NERF THIS" which appears in the Skorne community. It seems like they want anything and everything to be toned down or eliminated. I don't get this.

Werecat and a few others have even posted on this and how it's so bizzaro. I just don't get it.

Maybe it's because I'm not all that invested in my Skorne army that I really don't care what happens. But when I read the new Skorne rules I wasn't shocked and awed, I was "meh'd."

I just can't see where people are coming from, it's as if they feel guilty for having decent figs.

So to PPS "GOOD DAMN JOB" with the field test.

To the Skorne community, "GROW A PAIR!"

(Ahhhhhh, I feel better.)



  1. I have been amazed by the tsunami of angst flooding over the forums in the last 48 hours. I reckon its even worse than for the WM test.

  2. I don't think it's so much 'worse' as just 'more general' - there's the previous level of factions going "look what THEY'VE got!" and then there's the added meta-level of people kvetching about Fury vs. Focus and Warmachine having been out for longer and all the rest of the crap that people have been kvetching about since Hordes came out. There's a lot of sweeping assumptions and conflations and failure to compare what's been done to the design principles Privateer Press made implicit in Warmachine Mark II. I understand nerdrage but bad logic still makes me sad.

    I'm still not a hundred per cent sure the internal balance is perfect (Saeryn still exists in a form I recognise, for one thing) or that the issue of rules creep has been adequately addressed (Trollbloods aside, I'm not seeing many simple, accessible, right-back-to-basics Warmachine-battle-box level models in there), and so I can't honestly say that this Field Test fills me with renewed optimism and interest like the Warmachine one did. Maybe I genuinely don't care about Hordes? I dunno.


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