Monday, June 1, 2009

And Now For Something Really Special....

Painting The Nightmare

This bad boy has been my MVP since I finally figured out how to run it. Initially I treated it like any other jack from any other faction. I thought it was my beat stick of doom. So I'd send it off to confront some other beat stick or unit and invariably it'd get smashed to bits. 

Then I had my "aha moment." And I finally understood it's purpose. For those who've played against it know what that purpose it. For those who haven't I say "just you wait."

So, in part because I've got a hankering to paint and mostly because I love the nightmare so much, it gets a paint job. 

I present for your viewing pleasure, a step by step guide to painting the nightmare (if you want to paint it very poorly.)

Step one: Assemble it. Use pins and green stuff the joints. I didn't think the little girl was very funny and frankly it doesn't fit on the table so I omitted it. 

Step two: black primer. Spray it evenly and it's better to use multiple thin layers as opposed to just blasting it. Also, make sure you spray the underside as well. Just because some people paint over pewter doesn't mean you should. 

Step three: The metal. The chassis and undercarriage we'll paint Vallejo "honed steel." We'll also paint the claws talons and gilding the same color. I painted brown everywhere I wanted to paint gold as it provides a nice base. 

Step four: ink wash. I added a few dots of thamar black to the honed steel and then used a dropper to add water creating a wash. I had previously stated how I don't want to use regular water because I found that it caused the ink to dry weird. In this instance I want that effect hoping it looks sort of smokey, so we'll see if it happens. I then applied the wash to all the honed steel  

Step five: dry brush the steel bits with honed steel again. 

Step six: paint the gold bits. 

Step seven: mixing a similar wash for blighted gold I create another wash and apply it liberally. 

Step eight: dry brush the gold bits with blighted gold. 

Step nine: clean up your edges by paining and spill overs with thamar black. It helps and really dose keep your fig looking nice. 

Step ten: I took cryx base and applied it to all the armor surface, careful not to mar any of my finished metal bits.

Step eleven:  Ok, I did this a tad premature but I really wanted to try and paint the necrotic smoke stack.   So that's what I did.  First I took green, then added some white, then added more white, then some more white and then... You get the point.  I think it turned out great.  I wish I knew how to blend a bit better because there is a definite distinction between the different colors.

That's it so far.  Next up comes highlighting and finishing touches. 


  1. Really cool model. I like what you have done so far.

    We should have a night where we learn to paint, I know that I could use a few pointers.

  2. Good stuff, can't wait to see it finished

  3. I've done some more work to the nightmare but it turned out so horribly that I'm hesitant to post it lol. I swear I followed the instructions, but it just seems like the CORE video demonstration on how to highlight armor still makes it look striped.


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